MyIR Mobile QR Codes are back! However, for this feature to stay, your state must get on board with MyIR Mobile QR Codes. We recommend reaching out directly to your state health department to request this feature permanently and for more information. Otherwise, the QR code feature will only be available through February 16th. Check out our full statement, linked here.
As you’ve probably noticed, more and more places are requiring proof of COVID-19 vaccination for entry. From restaurants, retail stores and bars to live entertainment such as concerts and sporting events, as well as travel, COVID-19 vaccine “passports” aren’t going anywhere. In fact, the requirement of full COVID-19 vaccination—and, consequently, proof of immunization status—is only growing.
Fortunately, there’s no need to carry around your physical COVID-19 vaccination card from the CDC, which is easy to lose and even easier to damage.
MyIR Mobile’s latest feature offers the perfect solution to this dilemma. Available for free for all users, MyIR Mobile’s new Vaccine Credential Initiative (VCI) standard QR codes can be used to demonstrate proof of COVID-19 vaccination.

“This new feature will now allow millions of users across several different states to access their COVID-19 information in a safe and secure manner,” says Sarah McKee, Senior Product Manager at STChealth. “Additionally, MyIR Mobile not only offers the ability for users to get their COVID-19 QR code but also their full immunization record and their future  vaccines.”

So, how does it work?
Simply sign-up for MyIR Mobile for free, get matched, and get your records—which are available digitally, in a print-ready format, or as a QR code for both iPhone and Android mobile devices. Once you have your QR code downloaded and ready to go, it can be used to prove COVID-19 vaccination status to any SMART Health Card compliant vendor. Please note, these QR codes can only be read by scanners that are enabled to read SMART Health Card (VCI) specifications.

I have an iPhone – how do I save my QR code?
Simply save your digital vaccine record QR code in your Apple wallet. You can also take a screenshot of the QR code and save it to your camera roll.*
*Please note, VCI QR codes may not yet be available for newer or beta versions of iPhone/Apple’s software updates.

I have an Android – how do I save my QR code?
Similar to how the digital COVID-19 vaccination record QR codes work for iPhones, you can simply save your QR code to either Samsung Pay or Google Pay. Alternatively, you can take a screenshot of the QR code and save it to your camera roll.

I have more questions about the QR codes…
For further questions about digital vaccine QR codes and other MyIR Mobile products and services, visit Don’t see an answer to your question? Make sure to click on the green MyIR Mobile chat button on the bottom of the right-hand side of the help page to ask any additional questions or submit a help ticket. The team at MyIR Mobile is working diligently every day to provide the best possible technology and user experience. Please stay tuned as we continue to improve the functionality of all MyIR Mobile products and expand our array of free consumer services.