By: Taylor Transtrum

Your COVID-19 Vaccine Questions, Answered—An Update
April 14, 2021

A lot has changed since our last COVID-19 vaccine Q&A (which you can find here). So naturally, it was time for…

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Spring Break in the Age of COVID-19: Coronavirus Safety Tips to Follow This Spring
March 19, 2021

Spring has sprung! And while it’s tempting to want to jet off to the nearest island for a tropical getaway, in…

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Sandra Leal Shares Her Experience Getting the COVID-19 Vaccine
March 4, 2021

For Sandra Leal, the decision to get the COVID-19 vaccine was an easy one. As someone who holds a Master’s Degree…

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Your COVID-19 Vaccine Questions, Answered
February 4, 2021

You asked, and we answered. Here are the answers to the Immunization Ambassadors and MyIRMobile community’s most pressing questions about the…

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4 Things You Should Do For Your Health in 2021
January 4, 2021

Alas, 2020 is finally over and we can all breathe a collective sigh of relief. To say that 2020 was largely…

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How to Safely Celebrate the Holidays during the COVID-19 Pandemic
December 18, 2020

As coronavirus cases continue to skyrocket across the U.S., it’s especially important that we stay vigilant this holiday season to halt…

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Coping with Covid: How to Handle Pandemic Stress
December 8, 2020

If it feels like you’ve aged 20 years over the course of the year 2020, you’re not alone. In fact, in…

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Thanksgiving is National Family Health History Day — Here’s What That Means For You
November 19, 2020

Thanksgiving is National Family Health History Day! But what does that mean, and why is it a thing in the first…

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How to Have a COVID-19 Free Thanksgiving
November 17, 2020

While the holidays present a wonderful opportunity to reconnect with friends and family, they also present an opportunity for illnesses like…

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How to Safely Celebrate Halloween During the COVID-19 Pandemic
October 27, 2020

Halloween is spooky enough without getting sick from COVID-19. It’s true—Halloween might look a little (or a lot) different this year…

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