Hip hip hooray…we did it! With your help, MyIR Mobile has helped over one million people access their immunization records—including their COVID-19 vaccination status. 

According to MyIRMobile and STChealth product manager Sarah McKee, “This consumer record access journey began nearly 10 years ago.”

She adds, “As a thought leader in the public health technology space, STChealth developed innovative technology allowing individuals to access their official immunization records from a state registry and launched several pilot projects using this technology with public health and federal partners. Gradually, over time, several states adopted this model to support parents who need to provide their children’s immunization records for back to school immunization requirements. MyIR delivers to the consumer a complete vaccine immunization history for the entire family and saves parents countless hours trying to get copies of their kids’ records.”

Since launching, the list of states that MyIR is available in has grown to include Arizona, District of Columbia, Louisiana, Maryland, Mississippi, North Dakota, Washington and West Virginia—with more states soon to come. 

As STChealth CEO Mike Popovich explains, MyIR Mobile has seen its greatest growth during the COVID-19 pandemic, due to an increased need to access vital immunization records, such as COVID-19 immunization records.

“Prior to the pandemic, three or four states used this tool and maybe there were 150,000 to 200,000 individuals taking advantage of the fact that they could receive a digital vaccine certificate from the state,” he says. “The first COVID-19 shot given in every state—starting on December 14, 2020—was reported to that state’s immunization system and this has continued for every approved manufacturer and every COVID-19 shot since.”

As businesses, places of work and schools increasingly require proof of COVID-19 vaccination, the need for tools like MyIR Mobile that allow users to easily provide their COVID-19 immunization status (as well as proof of other required immunizations) are the key to returning to normal, safely. 

“The significant emphasis on returning safely to work, traveling outside of the U.S., and simply an individual wanting to have a valid digital immunization record has accelerated everyone’s awareness in the heretofore immunization event so often taken for granted,” says STChealth’s Chief Epidemiologist, Dr. Kyle Freese, PhD, MPH. 

State leadership is now advising consumers to retrieve their records from their state immunization systems. Technology vendors are developing new tools to display and manage this data. Consumers are asking “How do I retrieve my data?” 

The answer? STChealth’s MyIR® product, which is patented technology that allows a user to access their official immunization transcripts. 

“Mobilized consumer access to official personal immunization records is a vision STChealth has had for over a decade,” explains Todd Watkins, president of STChealth. “To reach this milestone of one million users is just the tip of the iceberg. We have built the nation’s largest immunization intelligence network connecting over 54,000 vaccine provider locations across the  country. It’s now time to avail this information to all consumers. It’s free, it’s fast and it’s the official record regardless of where the consumer received their immunizations.”