Promoting Online Access to Immunization Records



My Immunization Record, or MyIR Mobile is a confidential, secure, and HIPAA compliant electronic portal managed by State Health Departments  and operated by STChealth. State residents can securely access their immunization records from a home computer, laptop, or mobile device without state or provider assistance. MyIR Mobile puts this information in the hands of the citizens.

In the past, immunization records could only be obtained by calling or visiting a provider’s office. Users can now complete a verification process through the portal before the record is accessible, and their (or their family members’) immunization records can then be downloaded and printed for back to school enrollment, employment vaccine verification, daycare enrollment, summer camp forms, and other activities that require proof of vaccinations. This saves time and effort for the individual and their provider.

The system also allows individuals to view their vaccination forecast based on the ACIP recommendations, helping increase vaccination awareness. Registering for MyIR Mobile provides consumers a secure, easy method for accessing their and their dependents’ immunization health records in real-time.


MyIR Mobile Promotional Tookit

The MyIR Mobile Marketing toolkit includes logos, messages, images, text, and videos that can assist your organization in promoting MyIR Mobile. This content is free to be used on organizations’ and stakeholders’ social media platforms, websites, and other methods for distributing information to individuals that may need access to their immunization records.

Download MyIR Mobile Logos

Writing MyIR Mobile Posts

Use the hashtags #myirmobile #yourhealthyourway on all MyIR Mobile posts to enable tracking of promotional efforts for evaluation.
Also when possible, try to include a link back to the MyIRmobile.com website.
MyIR Mobile Example Posts

Are you up to date on your #vaccinations? Visit MyIRmobile.com today to register and view you and your family’s official immunization records. #myirmobile #yourhealthyourway #vaccines #immunizations

Need your family’s immunization records? Not sure the last time they got the #flu shot? Review and download your official immunization records from MyIRmobile.com #myirmobile #yourhealthyourway #vaccines #immunizations

#MyIRMobile enables secure access to immunization records. [Name of State] residents can visit MyIRmobile.com to access their #immunization records.

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In the Event of an Outbreak

Use the following verbiage in your post if an outbreak such as the measles occurs.

The #measles outbreak highlights the need for access to health records. [Your State] can access their immunization records for free at www.myirmobile.com  @STC_health #MyIRmobile

Concerned about the measles outbreak and wondering if your family’s immunizations are up to date?  There’s an easy way to find out – visit myirmobile.com and sign up for an account to access your family’s official immunization records any time and from any device for free! #MyIRmobile

Social Media Optimized Images

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MyIR Mobile Promotional Videos

The following posts integrate MyIR Mobile videos that can be used in your social media.
MyIR Mobile Back-to-School Campaign

Do you need access to your child’s #immunization record for admission to school or camp?  Visit MyIRmobile.com for secure, online access to immunization records. #MyIRmobile

MyIR Mobile Frequent Traveler Campaign

Traveling internationally and need access to your #immunization records? Visit MyIRmobile.com for secure, online access to #immunizationrecords. #MyIRmobile

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