Welcome to the Consumer Access Network!

What is the Consumer Access Network?

The Consumer Access Network is used by 3rd Party Mobile Applications to show proof of COVID-19 immunization status. Whether you’re looking to travel, enjoy live entertainment, or simply show proof of your COVID-19 immunization status, the Consumer Access Network ensures that your private data is secure and only used by 3rd party applications that you give permission to share your immunization status with.

How do you verify my COVID-19 immunization status?

The Consumer Access Network pulls immunization data directly from State Public Health systems that have been in operation for decades. These systems are used by doctors, pharmacists, and other healthcare professionals to report immunization data for patients. After you receive your COVID-19 immunization, the record of your immunization is sent to the State Public Health system where it is verified by the Consumer Access Network; your immunization status is then shared with the 3rd party applications that you give permission.

What do you do with my immunization data?

Your immunization data is first verified by the Consumer Access Network, and then a message containing your immunization status is shared with the 3rd party application. At no point is your personal health information exchanged, and your immunization status is not saved by the Consumer Access Network. The verification process is done in real-time and can be completed anytime you are required to show proof of COVID-19 immunization.

Technology partners using the Consumer Access Network